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Quantool — parser

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What can it do?

This app can help you to fetch any text information from the internet, and display it to you with widgets or system notifications.

Do you want to be notified when you profile in social network gets 100 000 subscribers? Or maybe you want to be notified when some product will be in stock? Or you just want to see last posts on your favorite forums topic?
All of this you can do with this app! Especially if have some knowledge about regular expressions or CSS and maybe a bit of HTML ;)

The key features of Quantool:

  • parse formats: by regular expression, by css-selectors, by JSON path or just ping server for availability. You can parse HTML, XML, maybe some APIs etc
  • customizable notifications (disable, enable, or enable on condition)
  • customizable widgets (choose an icon of each widget and its color, title, font size)
  • preconfigured templates for Twitter followers, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Vk subscribers, Socialblade service or even Dotabuff! You can use it as examples and configure your own template
  • after you create an amazing template you can easily share it to your friends by link or code. If you don't have special special knowledge about regular expressions or css, you can ask someone to help you, and then share that template for you.

How this application can help you is limited only by your imagination, just don't forget to share your useful template with other people.

Some simple templates for example